What is Quickbooks
Database Manager?

Quickbooks Database Manager is a utility that you can configure for multi-user access. This is also called Quickbooks Database Server Manager. This utility creates network data file (.ND) file for any company files on the host computer.  You can use this utility to do the following:

  • Scan folders for QuickBooks company files that need to be configured for multi-user access.
  • Monitor local hard drives to configure new company files automatically.

To open Quickbooks Database Server Manager click Start menu > All Programs > Quickbooks folder > then click Quickbooks Database Server Manager.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Let me show you what each tab on Database Manager does:

  1. Scan Folders - In this tab, you will be able to scan the folders where the Quickbooks company files reside. It is important to scan these folders so that other users can open the company files remotely.
  • To add a folder, click the Add Folder button then select the folder you want to add. This will add the folder under the Folders that contain Quickbooks company file.

Database Server Manager Add File

  • To remove a folder, click the path of the folder under the Folders that contain Quickbooks company file then click the Remove Folder button.

Database Manager Remove

  • Click the Scan button to scan the folders listed under the Folders that contain Quickbooks company files. When the folder scan is complete, you will see the list of company files found on that folder.

Database Manager Scan

  1. Database Server - this tab displays the current statistics and status of the databse server. In addition, this displays the company file currently being used and the name of the Quickbooks logged in user.

Database Server Tab

  1. Monitored Drives - this tab displays every hard drive it finds on your computer. After your initial scan, the selected hard drives will be monitored continuously. This will ensure that the company files that are newly created on, or will be moved to, this computer can be opened by remote users.

Database Server Monitored Drives Tab

  1. Updates - this tab provides you a link to the Quickbooks Update website. Use this tab to update a server that only has the database server manager installed. If you have the Quickbooks Software installed together with the Database Manager, you don't have to update the Database Manager because they both get updated when you update your Quickbooks software.

Database Manager Update Tab

  1. System - this tab displays the information about your computer.

Database Manager System Tab