Export Quickbooks Lists.
How About QB Transactions?

You might want to export Quickbooks lists to transfer it to another company file. This happens if you have two company files with identical list entries. To save time and effort of entering the lists one by one, you might want to do the export.

Click here to skip to the instructions on how to export Quickbooks list. This is one way to export part or all of your company lists to another company file. The exported files are saved in IIF files.

Here are the lists that can be exported in IIF files:

Chart of Accounts Class List Customer Message List
Customer List Job Type List Budgets
Vendor List Item List To Do Notes
Employee List Payment Term List Sales Rep List
Other Names List Payment Method List Price Level List
Customer Type List Shipping Method List Sales Tax Code List
Vendor Type List

Now that you know the lists that can be exported in Quickbooks, you may ask if exporting transactions in IIF file would be possible. The answer to that is, not possible. You can export transactions to Excel but it's not on IIF.

Let me show you the steps on how to export the lists:

  1. Open Quickbooks application.
  2. Click File menu.
  3. Navigate to Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF Files...

Export List

  1. Place a check mark on the lists you want to export then click OK.
  2. The Save As window will appear. Enter the Filename then click Save to save your IIF file.

Export List Save

  1. When the export process is done. You will get the message below. Just click OK to complete the process.

Export List Finish