Quickbooks Password Recovery

Quickbooks password recovery can help you reset/recover your password. If you cannot open your Quickbooks company file because of a password issue, you need to know how to recover or reset it.

Before you proceed on resetting or recovering your password, check the following information first:

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure to check the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys.
  • Check the keyboard. It might not be functioning correctly.
  • Passwords cannot contain spaces. Make sure you don't have spaces on your password.
  • Make sure you are opening the company file associated with the password you are entering.

After trying the suggestions above and you still unable to login to Quickbooks, you can ask your Administrator to reset the password for you. If you're the Administrator and your password does not work, you can refer to Quickbooks Password Recovery service.

This is an automated password removal service that you have to download. You just need to follow the prompts to reset your password.