What is QBWin.log File?

QBWin.log file stores information about unforeseen conditions, fatal errors, and other Quickbooks messages as well as information created by the Verify Data, Rebuild Data and Clean Up Company Data Utilities. This log file is very helpful in troubleshooting data damage issues.

The first time that QBWin.log file is created is when any of the following occurs:

  • A "C=" error is generated
  • The Verify Data, Rebuild Data, or Clean Up Company Data utilities are run
  • A company data file is converted from another version of QuickBooks or from Quicken

You can find QBWin.log file in Quickbooks folder. If you have multiple versions of Quickbooks, each will have its own log file. At the bottom of the log file where new entries and errors are added.

Below are the steps to access the QBWin.log file:

  1. In Quickbooks, press the F2 or Ctrl+1 keys on your keyboard to open the Product Information window.

Product Information

  1. In the Product Information window, press the F3 or Ctrl+2 keys to open the Tech Help window.

Tech Help

  1. Click Open File tab then select QBWIN.LOG.

Tech Help QBWin.log

  1. Click the Open File button to open the log file. Below is a sample image of a QBWin.log file.

QBWin.log Sample File

Now that you know how to access the log file, it's time to understand the messages. Does the sample image above look confusing? Don't be. I'll show you how to read this log file.

Click here to view a sample QBWin.log file or click here to save a copy of this log file. Here are the steps on how to examine this log file:

  1. Open the file on a notepad.
  2. Press the Ctrl+End keys to go directly to the end of the file.
    Note: The most recent information can be found at the bottom of the file.
  3. Press Ctrl+F keys to open the Find window. Enter begin verify in the Find what: field and select the Up in the Direction section then click Find Next.

Find Window

You will see same information as below. Here are some of the things that you will find on this log file:

  • The line after the Begin Verify Log tells you when the verify is done.

QBWin Date

  • The Quickbooks company file (.qbw) and its location.

QBWin File Name

  1. It's time to look for the error. You should still have the Find window open. Enter error in the Find what: field then click Down in the Direction section then click Find Next.
  • In this log file, the first error that shows up is the same as below. You can click Find Next again since it's just saying that error=0.

QBWin First Error

  • The next line that you will see with the Error keyword is No error detected. Click Find Next again since this is just telling you that there's no error detected on that line.

QBWin No Error Detected

  • The next one that you will find is the actual error.

QBWin Actual Error

  • Disregard the verify.c information. You don't need that.

QBWin Verify.c

  • Below is the information that you should be looking at.

QBWin Link Error

  • This error tells you that there's a link error. The error occurs on a transaction. How did I know? If you look at the Type, it's saying payment. It also shows the information about the payment like the Date, Account, Amount and Customer Name.

QBWin Link Error Only

  1. Now that you have identified what the error is, you can go to Quickbooks knowledge base to search for articles that provide solutions for this error. Or you can click here to view the article related to this error.

  2. You have to go through each error that you may find in the this log file.

Congratulations! You now know how to examine your Quickbooks log file.