Quickbooks 2007
System Requirements

The system requirements listed here all apply to Quickbooks 2007 SimpleStart, Pro and Premier Editions. To avoid some other technical jargons, I only included the requirements for hardware components. If you want to view the whole list, you can visit Quickbooks website for more detailed information.

Operating system

  • Windows 2000 SP3 or later (SP4 or later strongly recommended), XP (SP2 or later strongly recommended), Windows Vista 32 bit versions (QuickBooks R3 or later strongly recommended) or Windows Vista 64 bit versions (QuickBooks R6 or later is required).
  • There are issues that you may encounter when you run this version on Windows Vista. Just make sure that you have the most current updates.

Hardware Specification:
  • At least 500 MHz Intel Pentium II or equivalent computer (1.8 GHz Pentium III recommended).
  • At least 256 MB of RAM for a single user (512 MB recommended).
  • At least 512 MB for a server (1 GB or more strongly recommended).
  • 1 GB of disk space (additional space required for data files).
  • 2x CD-ROM drive.
  • Optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution, supports 800x600 using "Small fonts" setting in your Windows control panel display setting.