Quickbooks Backup?
Why do I need to do this?

It is essential to know the importance of Quickbooks backup. It's like having a lifeline because if the current file that you are working gets corrupted, you can always go back to your backups.

Doing backups are not enough. You have to make sure that you have a good backup file. Good backup meaning, your data file does not have error on it. How will you know if you have error on your data file? It's through the Verify Data feature in Quickbooks which is also an option when you do the Quickbooks backup.

Quickbooks has different types of backup files. Here are the different types:

  • Backup copy (.qbb) - this backup contains everything from the Quickbooks company file to the files related to your company (templates, letters, logos, and images). (for QB 2007 and earlier) This also includes your Financial Statement Designer (FSD), Cash Flow Projector, Business Planner, and Loan Manager files.
  • Portable Company File (.qbm) - this is a compact version of your company file that contains only your financial data. Use this to email or move your company file to another location.
  • Accountant's Copy (.qbx) - this is used if you need to send your file to your Accountant. Your Accountant can work on this Accountant's copy while you continue to work with your company file. Then the changes made by your Accountant can be imported to your company fie.

Now that you are familiar with different types of backup files, I'll show you how to create a backup copy.

  1. Click File menu > click Save Copy or Backup > select Backup copy then click Next.

Backup 2009

  1. Select Local Backup then click Options button.

Backup 2009 Page 2

  1. In the Backup Options window you can set the following options:
  • The location where to save your backup copies. Click the Browse button to browse the location where your backup copies will be saved.

Backup Option 1

  • Place a check mark next to Add the date and time of the backup of the file name (recommended) to include a timestamp in the file name of your backup.

Backup Option 2 - Time stamp

  • Place a check mark next to Remind me to back up when I close my company file every __ times if you want to be reminded to back up your data when you close Quickbooks.

Backup Option Reminder

  • It is recommended that you Complete Verification when creating a backup. This is the one that checks if your company data is corrupted or not.

Backup Option Verification

  1. After you have set the default options for your backup, the next window will ask you when you want to save your backup copy. If you want to save the backup now, select Save it now then click Finish to start the backup process.

Backup 2009 Save

Congratulations! You now have created your Quickbooks backup file. Here you can check other options (aside from local backup) in doing Quickbooks backup.