Quickbooks Credit Card Processing

In this free quickbooks tutorial, we will discuss...Quickbooks Credit Card Processing.

Are you planning to accept credit or debit card using your Quickbooks software? If yes, then Intuit has what we called Quickbooks Credit Card Processing. This allows you to process credit card or debit card payments right into your Quickbooks. So whenever there’s a payment that you need to enter and your customer is using a credit card, you can immediately process it and you don’t have to do double entry since it is processed directly into your software.

Processing credit cards through Quickbooks is so easy, all you need to do is to apply for Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Service Account.  Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account so that you can start accepting payments through credit cards.

Before applying for the Merchant Service account, you need the following information:

  • Business information (tax ID, physical business mailing address)
  • Owner/principal information (contact and identifying information)
  • Bank account information (bank account information, funding information)
  • Estimated credit card sales and existing credit card processing information (if applicable)

If the information above is ready and available, you can go to the Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Service Application page to start submitting your application.

Below is the list of credit cards being accepted through Quickbooks Credit Card Processing:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Network
  • JCB

Once your application is approved, processing credit cards inside your Quickbooks is very easy.  You just need to go to the Receive Payment screen then place a check mark on Process payment when saving.

Process Payment Checkbox

There’s no problem checking the box if let’s say you don’t have the Quickbooks Merchant Service account yet because you will get a message that you will need the account first before you can process credit cards.  See below:

Quickbooks Merchant Services

You may ask what if you already have the card and you just want to swipe it.  Intuit has a Card Reader that allows you to swipe the information from your customer’s credit cards and process the sales through your computer then it will process the transaction through your Quickbooks software.  They will just have an additional card-swiped rate for using the credit card reader.

There is also another feature which is the Virtual Terminal Plus.  This feature allows you to process credit card transactions anywhere as long as you have internet connection.  You just need to login to the Virtual Terminal Plus website to access it.  If you don’t have a login name and password yet, you can create it by doing the steps below:

  • In your Quickbooks > open your company file you use with Quickbooks Merchant Service.
  • In the Customers menu , choose Credit Card Processing Activities then Process Payments.
  • If you have not yet created a Quickbooks Business Services login, you will see a “Create a login” page.  Then you just need to follow the prompts.

If you need answers to your questions regareding Quickbooks Credit Card Processing, you can contact the Intuit Payment Solutions Consultants at (800) 558-9558. They are open 24/7.