Quickbooks File Repair:
The Revelation

Verify Data and Rebuild Data utilities are your Quickbooks File Repair Tools. You need both in order to detect and repair data damage in your company file. Here are some information on what each utility does on your data file:

  1. Verify Data Utility

This is the tool that detects the data damage on your company file. Each transaction in your company file is being looked at by the Verify Data utility and it records a message in the Qbwin.log file for any damaged transactions and damaged list items. The Verify Data utility detects many types of data damage but it does not detect all of the damage that you might have in your company file. You should run this utility on a single user mode.

  1. Rebuild Data Utility

This tool repairs damage in your Quickbooks company file. It analyzes the company file and attempts to repair or update data found to be in an incorrect state.

There's a process that you need to follow when using the Quickbooks File Repair tools. First, verify your company file and then rebuild it to correct any data damage that was found. You may need to cycle through the verify/rebuild process more than one to correct data damage.

Let me show you when you need to run the Verify Data and the Rebuild Data utility (Quickbooks File Repair tools).

Run the Verify Data utility when:

  • You receive error messages while working in Quickbooks
  • When you click to save a transaction, Quickbooks shuts down
  • Disrepancies on reports
  • Payments already deposited still show up in the Payments to Deposit window
  • Not all accounts are showing in the Balance Sheet report
  • Names are missing from lists
  • Transactions are missing
  • Company file won't open
  • Not able to save transactions
  • You experience power surges or dropouts, abnormal shutdowns, computer crashes, or "Company file in use, please wait," messages

Run the Rebuild Data utility when:

  • The message that the Verify Data utility has failed appears
  • The Verify Data utility returns a b-check error
  • A QuickBooks Help and Support Knowledge Base article mentions a data rebuild to fix errors
  • QuickBooks displays payroll forms incorrectly

Now, that you know what the Quickbooks File Repair tools do to your company file it's time to learn how to use them.

Verify Data Utility:

  1. In Quickbooks navigate to File > Utilities > Verify Data.

Verify Data Menu

  1. Click OK if you receive the message below, if not you can proceed with Step 3.

Verify Data Clos

  1. The Verify Data will now check for errors.

Verify Data Working

  1. Here are the possible results that you will get. The results will determine if you need to run the Rebuild Data utility.

    • If you see QuickBooks detected no problems with your data, your data is clean. Click OK.

    • If you see Your data has lost integrity, your data file is damaged. Run the Rebuild Data utility to repair the damage. You may need to run Rebuild two or more times to repair all of the damage. Rerun the Verify Data utility after each rebuild to verify that the errors have been corrected.

    • If your see A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing, then your data file has a structural problem. Run the Rebuild Data utility to repair the damage.

Rebuild Data Utility:

Note: Never run Rebuild Data Utility when your company file is on a network drive. Make sure that your company file is on a local computer.

  1. In Quickbooks navigate to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data.

Rebuild Data Menu

  1. Quickbooks will ask to backup your company file before rebuilding. Click OK to create a backup.

Rebuild Data Backup

Note: It is recommended to backup your file before rebuilding it. If you want to run the Rebuild Data utility without running the backup (not recommended) before clicking the Rebuild Data in the menu make sure to hold down the CTRL key (File > Utilities > hold down CTRL then click Rebuild Data).

Rebuild Data with No Backup

  1. The Rebuild Data will now start processing.

Rebuild Data Working

  1. Click OK once you get the message that the rebuild has completed.

Rebuild Data Complete

  1. You need to run the Verify Data Utility again. If the second verification fails, run the Rebuild utility again.

Here's the recommended process when using the Quickbooks File Repair Tools:

  1. Run Verify Data Utility.
  2. If you see the Quickbooks detected a problem message after running the Verify Data utility, run the Rebuild Data.
  3. After running Rebuild Data Utility, run the Verify Data again.
  4. If the Verify Data fails for the second time. Check the qbwin.log file.
  5. Run the Verify Data utility again.

Let me show you a diagram of these steps when using Quickbooks File Repair Tools:

Verify Rebuild Diagram

In this process (see diagram above), it's a loop until the Verify Data utility detects no problem with your data.

Once you become familiar with the Quickbooks File Repair tools, those procedures will be easier.