Quickbooks Import Export
How Do I!

Quickbooks Import Export is very useful especially when you want to import lists or transactions from excel or iif files. Or export lists that can be used to import to a new company file. These are all possible through import export utility of Quickbooks.

You may want to check the Quickbooks import export IIF overview. This will give you the following information:

  • Uses of IIF files
  • Limiitations of IIF files
  • Lists that can be imported/exported using IIF files
  • Transactions that can be imported using IIF files
  • Sample IIF files that you can download

Creating IIF file can be difficult at first but once you become familiar with the IIF file headers and on how to create it, everything will seem to be so easy. Here's a procedure on how to import quickbooks using IIF files. From creating IIF file to importing your data.

A different procedure applies if you want to import an excel file. There would be mappings that you have to define compared to IIF files that you just import it directly.

You may need the same lists information that you have on your existing company file to add in your new company file. You can do this through the export utility of Quickbooks. You can export information like lists from Quickbooks to excel or iif files.

This import export utility can help you in many ways. If you want to start a brand new company file and copy information from an existing company file, this utility will help you accomplish that.