Quickbooks Premier:
General Business

Quickbooks Premier is the next level after Quickbooks Pro. This edition is a combination of QB Pro plus some more features and reports that you can access.

Here are the key features that this edition have:

  • 150+ reports that you can access. These reports are pre-designed and you have an option to customize them. Some of the reports are Sales and Profitability report, Cost to Complete Job report.
  • You can do change orders with this edition.
  • Do progress invoicing (bill clients depending on the percentage of work completed).
  • Track time and expenses.
  • Forecast sales and expenses.
  • Create business plan.
  • Multi-user access is supported up to 5 users.
  • Multi-currency is supported.
  • Use company snapshot.
  • Online Banking. You can download your bank and credit card statement.
  • Track inventory.
  • Backorder tracking.
  • Import data from Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting and prior Quickbooks versions.
  • Track sales, sales taxes and customer payments.
  • Manage payroll and payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit (sold separately).
  • Accept credit and debit card in Quickbooks.
  • Track time, mileage and expenses to bill clients (Job Costing).