Quickbooks Simple Start

Quickbooks Simple Start is from the title itself is simple, easy to use. It's the simpliest accounting software edition that Quickbooks has. If you are just starting your business or just starting to use an accounting software, you can try this edition first.

This edition has the features that you need to get you started. Though the features are very limited, it can help you track the money that comes in and out of your business.

You have an option to either purchase or just use the free edition. Yes, you read it right, FREE. It's FREE. Intuit is offering a free edition that you can try and when you think you need more features, that's the time that you can upgrade.

Key features of Free and Paid Editions:

  • Print checks, pay bills and track expenses.
  • Track sales, sales taxes and customer payments.
  • Track customer and vendor contacts but up to 20 only.
  • Manage payroll and payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit (this feature is sold separately).
  • Email estimates, invoices, reports and more.
  • Create professional-looking invoices and forms.
  • Organize and back-up documents by attaching them to your Quickbooks records.
  • Access pre-designed business reports available in just one click.
  • Import data from Excel.

Limitations of Quickbooks Simple Start (Free and Paid):

  • One user at a time. Multi-user access not supported.
  • Import data from Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting and prior Quickbooks versions (iif).
  • Tracking of inventory, setting of reorder points and creating purchase order.
  • Online Banking. Downloading of bank and credit card statements not supported.
  • Company Snapshot where you can view how your company is doing in one page (income, expenses, etc.).
  • Multiple Currencies.