Quickbooks Update:
Latest Release

What is Quickbooks update? Intuit is releasing a patch for Quickbooks programs. This is their way of enhancing the product version. This can include new feature, service or maintenance release.

How would you know if Intuit has released a new release? You wouldn't unless you have the automatic update set to download automatically or you visit Quickbooks website to check for the latest release of Quickbooks update and download it manually.

Quickbooks is initially configured to download updates automatically unless you turn the automatic update off.

To check if automatic update is turned on, see the steps below:

  1. Click Help menu then click Update Quickbooks.

Update Quickbooks Menu

  1. The window will show you whether the Automatic Update is turned ON or OFF.

Quickbooks Automatic Update On

You have an option to download the update within your Quickbooks software and you can also change your update setting.

To open the update Quickbooks window go to Help > Update Quickbooks. There are three tabs: Overview, Options and Update Now.

Overview Tab

Quickbooks Update Overview Tab

Options Tab

Quickbooks Update Options Tab

Update Now Tab

Quickbooks Update Update Now Tab

Note: If you are downloading the update within Quickbooks, you have to restart your Quickbooks to prompt you whether you want to install the updates that you have downloaded. Otherwise, you just downloaded the updates and did not install it.