Quickbooks Upgrade

What is Quickbooks upgrade? There are two things when you do Quickbooks pro upgrade (or any version, could be premier): Upgrading the Quickbooks product itself and upgrading the company file to a newer version. Or this could also mean converting your file (peachtree, microsoft accounting, etc) to Quickbooks using the conversion tool.

You might be asking why do you need to upgrade your Quickbooks product and the company file to a newer version. There are a lot of reasons, let me give you a few:

  • To get the latest and new features of Quickbooks - every year Quickbooks is enhancing its product to give you better and more features.
  • Compatibility issue with the Operating System - once Microsoft release a new version of Operating System, Quickbooks is coming up with a new version that works with the new Operating System.
  • Service Discountinuation Policy - Intuit has this policy where it will no longer support products that is beyond two versions back. They will only support the latest version plus two versions back.

Free Upgrade

Do you want a free Quickbooks upgrade? Intuit has an upgrade policy for people who purchase Quickbooks when a newer version is available.

You need to meet two criteria in order for you to avail this free upgrade. These two criteria are as follows:

  • You purchased Quickbooks within 60 days or less before the newer version is released.
  • You registered Quickbooks for the first time within 60 days or less before the newer version is released.

If you meet these criteria then what you need to do is to return the product to the retailer where you purchased it. You can contact Intuit Customer Service (800-574-7492) if the retailer does not accept or honor the offer or you purchased the product directly from Intuit.

I have created a separate page on how to do Quickbooks upgrade. The things that you need to know and what to expect after you do the upgrade.