Upgrade Quickbooks Product
and Company File

If you plan to upgrade Quickbooks to the latest/new version, there are two things that you will have to do. First, you will have to either upgrade the Quickbooks software or just do a separate install. Second, upgrade the company file.

Upgrading Quickbooks Sofware

In upgrading your Quickbooks software, you have two options. If you want to overwrite the existing version that you have and just have one version installed on your computer, you can do the upgrade. But if you want to have another copy of your Quickbooks software then you can do a separate install.

Either upgrading or installing a separate copy of Quickbooks will have the same steps when you install the sofware. The only difference is when you get to the point where it asks you if you want to replace the existing version. Click here for detailed instructions on how to install Quickbooks.

Upgrade Quickbooks Company File

It is very simple to upgrade Quickbooks company file. Once you have installed the latest/new version of Quickbooks, you just need to open the company file and that's it.

But before you upgrade your company file, here are few things that you must do so that smooth transition to the new version will occur:

  • Do Verify Data on the previous version to make sure that you don't have any error on the company file.
  • Create a copy (not a backup) of the .qbw file on another folder before upgrading. You can only delete the copy once you have upgraded successfully on the latest/new version.

Here are the steps on how to upgrade the company file:

  1. Open your new version of Quickbooks.
  2. Click File > Open or Restore Company File.

Upgrade Quickbooks File Open

  1. The Open or Restore Company window will open. Click Open a company file then click Next.

Upgrade Quickbooks Open a Company

  1. Browse for the company that you want to upgrade then click Open.

Upgrade Quickbooks Open Company

  1. The Upgrade Company File for New Version will appear. Place a check mark on I understand that my company file will be updated to this new version of Quickbooks then click on Update Now button.

Upgrade Quickbooks Company File

  1. Click OK on the Quickbooks Information message box to proceed. This is just telling you that you will have to backup your company file.

Upgrade Quickbooks Information

  1. The Quickbooks Backup window will appear. Click Browse if you want to change the location where the backup file will be saved. If you are satisfied with the settings, click OK.

Upgrade Quickbooks Backup

  1. If you are saving the backup file on your computer you will receive the message below. If you're sure that you want to save your backup file on the computer just click Yes to proceed with the backup.

Upgrade Quickbooks Backup

  1. In the Update Company window, click Yes to proceed with updating your company file.

Upgrade Quickbooks

  1. You just need to wait until Quickbooks finishes the upgrade. The window below will show up to let you know the status of the upgrade of the company file. Once it's done, it will automatically open the company.

Upgrade Quickbooks Working