What is Quickbooks
and Its Editions?

What is Quickbooks? You might have a list of different softwares and might have seen Quickbooks. You have a lot of questions like, what it is used for, what are its functions, etc.

Quickbooks is an accounting software used for businesses developed and marketed by Intuit. It can handle your accounts receivables/payables, inventories, bank/credit card accounts, payroll, etc.

Every year Intuit is releasing new version of Quickbooks. And every new version comes with new features, of course and enhancement on the product.

Quickbooks has different editions and every edition will be specific to the type of business you have. You might ask, what is the best edition to use? It really depends on your business needs.

Here are the lists of Quickbooks editions:

Here are some of industry-specific versions of Quickbooks Premier aside from the General Business: